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Wooden Churches and The Merry Cemetery In Northern Transylvania

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This trip will take to the northern part of Romania, home of one of the richest traditions one can find in Europe.

The Wooden Churches, in the historical region of Maramureș, in northern Transylvania, are a group of probably 100 Orthodox and occasionally Greek-Catholic churches, built in wood, but with different architectural solutions in different period (17th – 19th centuries) and areas.

This trip is not just about seeing some churches, so different from the stone churches the Western world has, it is about seeing a rural civilization that will probably be soon gone, replace by the modern facilities. So, if you decide to make this trip, do not expect to check the list of churches, but see the village, the traditional costumes, see the people and their customs.

Eight of these churches were listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, for their religious architecture and construction traditions: Bârsana, Budești, Desești, Ieud, Plopiș, Poienile Izei, Rogoz and Surdești. The tour will take you to all these villages and little bit more.

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