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The Jewish heritage in Romania – Discover the Romanian home of your family

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Romania had an important Jewish community – there are cities such as Iasi where the community had more than 100 synagogues, there are literary hundreds of Jewish cemeteries identified all over the country. And even if today’s Romania has a very small Jewish community, you can find an amazing Jewish theater in Bucharest, led by a wonderful actress and human being, Ms. Maia Morgenstern.

We propose you a grand Jewish heritage tour in Romania, or just some parts of it. We often customize this tour for senior clients coming from Israel, born in Romania, and willing to get back to the places they grew up or where they parents and grandparents are buried.

The Grand Jewish Tour includes two parts out of which you can choose your preferred itinerary: the Jewish tour of Transylvania and the Jewish tour of Moldavia.

Regardless of which part you choose, the experience includes:

  • Accommodation at 4**** or 5***** hotels and guesthouses, all meals included
  • Visits of towns and cities with rich Jewish heritage
  • Visits of UNESCO heritages sites
  • Two traditional Romanian food experiences

The experiences can last 4 to 12 days, but we recommend to make it at least 5-7 days, so you can enjoy it in full, and also have time to enjoy discovering the visited sites.


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