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Food and wine in the Romanian Tuscany

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There are places in Romania where you can discover again what simplicity and beauty means. We invite you to have an experience where you will discover the diversity of rural cuisine in Romania, and some really exquisite wines.

You will stay at an old ”boyar cula”, a medieval building typical for the regions, house of a local nobleman, refurbished and carefully decorated with replicas that makes you really feel that you travelled in time. You can also enjoy the modern day outdoor pool.

You will eat traditional homemade food and even have the chance to cook yourself some dishes. You will learn how to make one or two Romanian traditional dishes, and even do it yourself if you choose so. You will also visit a local’s home and see how they use the traditional oven for bread making.

You will visit a couple of vineyards where passionate Western European vinification experts rediscover old Romanian grapes and transform them in amazing wines. One of your hosts will be Raluca and Oliver Bauer, a Romanian and a German passionate about good wine, and offering their guests the best pairing experiences between Romanian wines and Romanian homemade food.

You will also meet potters, in a small village famous for its pottery traditions, and will have the chance to make your own small plate with a traditional pottery wheal. And you will meet a lady weaver, passionate about reviving traditional motifs and carpets.

The experience includes:

  • Accommodation at an exquisite old mansion with full board
  • Visits to 2 vineyards and 2 tasting sessions (5 wines each, accompanied by traditional Romanian food)
  • Visits to 2 local craftsmen: traditional pottery and traditional carpets
  • Two traditional Romanian food experiences: oven bread making and a cooking session with Romanian recipes

The experiences can last 4 days, but we recommend to make it 5 days, so you can enjoy it in full, and also have time to relax.

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