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Brancusi Trail Tour

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A pioneer of modern sculpture, Constantin Brancusi found inspiration in Romanian traditions, folkloric art and geometric lines. In this tour we follow his life (his birthplace, his school, his initial artwork, his masterpieces in Tg Jiu) and also the roots of his craft (Romanian traditions, old wooden houses, carpenters).

It is said that in the third day of a child’s life his or hers destiny is decided by the fairy godmothers, at a table discussion. Through the household gate, the same child passes a new threshold: towards maturity, building a family and being part of the community. The funeral pillar is the one that closes the journey. In the peasants’ world, all these three sign-objects, the table – the gate – the pillar, signify the crossing between two worlds and also the communication that is possible from one world to another. We meet all three objects in the Brancusi ensemble in Targu Jiu and throughout his work. 


  • Bucharest – Craiova – Hobita – Crasna – Ramnicu Valcea – Bucharest
  • 4 days tour
  • Departure time: 8 am. Arrival time: approx. 10 pm
  • Available: All year long
  • Type of activity: sightseeing, cultural, crafts
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