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A Piece of Rural Romania

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This trip is actually an experience. You will experience first-hand how the life in Romanian villages still is, you will see, maybe for the first time in your life, horse drawn carts actually used, milking cows by hand and not with some modern equipment, peasants using a scythe for mowing grass and so on. You will experience a sort of timelessness that still exists and cannot be found anymore anywhere in Europe.


You will choose your lodging and the kind of experience you want to have. This means that, although the program remains the same, you can have a more or less Spartan accommodation, in the middle of the forest or in a guesthouse near a monastery and so on. You will learn about plants and their therapeutic use, you will cook outside, on the fire, you will ride, you will see a traditional sheepfold, and how the shepherds prepare the cheese.

You can choose a location in Transylvania, in the Apuseni Mountains, or in the Eastern Carpathians, in the painted monasteries region. You can choose an accommodation in a camp like facility (4 or 6 in one room and bathroom on the hallway) or a cute guest house with breakfast and bathroom in your room.


Your guide during this horse riding trip will Mugur Pop, a member of various association of eco-destinations.

is a man passionate about nature, horses and history. You will discover an fascinating character and a great friend. He is devoted to his beliefs and it will show you that we are part of the nature and that our lives will be much better once that we will make stronger bonds with nature.He lives in a farm nearby Cluj where he raises horses and makes animal-assisted therapy for a wide range of people, with accent at the disabled and mentally challenged children. But in his yard, full of horses, Carpathian dogs, cats, goats and other animals, everyone is welcomed and will receive a unique experience.

You cannot speak too much about Mugur. But in order to know him as we do, you have to meet him and talk with him. His passion and his strengths will inspire you. Mugur is also a staunch defender of the Romanian traditions. His belief is that once a man loses his ties with history and traditions, he will no longer belong anywhere and won’t know who he is.

You will find no other better man to tell you about Romanian history and Romanian traditions. Mugur Pop is one of a kind, a type of man that you will encounter once in your lifetime.
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