Tripe soup (ciorba de burtă) is a traditional Romanian dish loved by Romanians. It was made especially at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but nowadays, tripe soup is made all year round. Ciorba, a special type of soup, has reached the Romanian cuisine due to a historical whim, being boiled for the first time in the soup pots and boilers of sipahis troops of the Ottoman Empire. The well-known Turkish stew was called çorba, word derived from the Arabic šorba (šarâb). Afterwards, in the XVII and XVIII century, Bucharest residents have prepared a dish called “pace”, made of mutton or veal feet, egg and seasoned with vinegar, so very similar to tripe soup. You have to try tripe soup during your visit in Romania. It is delicious and it tastes like nothing else you have tried before. Here is the recipe of tripe soup. It is not very easy to do, but the outcome is exquisite! Ingredients: Mentioned quantities of vegetables are absolutely indicative. More pieces of vegetables like parsley or celery root, the tastier the soup comes out. Preparation: Tripe and beef bones are thoroughly washed and boiled in a large pot with about 4 or 4.5 liters of water. Take the foam that forms on the surface until it disappear completely. Let the meat to boil for 15 minutes, and then add the vegetables. Add vegetables cleaned, but whole, uncut, place a teaspoon of salt and let the tripe soup to a boil over medium heat until beef falls off the bones, or about 70 minutes. Meanwhile, clean over the foam if it appears again. Before taking soup on the stove check that the tripe is cooked. At boiling the juice decreases about 2 liters from the initial 4.5 liters. After all ingredients boil, strain the vegetables and meat. Separate meat from cooked vegetables and bone / beef bones. Cut the tripe into thin strips and relatively small. Cut the meat into pieces and smaller Meanwhile, the juice is allowed to cool just a little.
“It is both sour and sweet, spicy and smooth, fatty and yet delicate, eclectic and simple at the same time! It is mythical !!!” Radu Anton Roman
Separately, stir two eggs with a little lemon juice and cream and add some broth. After each ladle added mix well to incorporate. Proceed until half the juice is incorporated. Then stir it in the other half of the remaining juice. Tripe and beef meat are added now too. The final secret is to oil fry a raw grated carrot. Put the carrot into a sieve and hold it over the pot. Pour soup through the sieve to give the soup a special taste and color. The tripe soup will turn a pleasant orange. Finally, adjust the salt, adding about half a teaspoon of salt. Don’t add too much not to ruin the soup. Better put the salt at the table for everyone to add more. Garlic sauce is made from crushed garlic, a little salt, a few drops of oil, about 150 ml of warm water and a few drops of vinegar. Vinegar, garlic sauce, salt are put all on the table and each one mix more or less in the tripe soup, after each one taste. Bon appetite!