Romania was predominantly a rural country for centuries and it developed a wonderful tradition in building wood houses and churches, and intricate clothes and objects with special symbols. The place that brings that tradition to life is the Village Museum.  The rural life was tightly linked to nature and the peasants knew how to live in harmony with the sun, the winds and the rain. This closure is magnificently represented by their houses, clothes and everyday objects. In Bucharest, down on the Herăstrău lakeside, right in the middle of Romania’s capital city, you will discover an authentic Romanian village, rich in monuments and artifacts. The Village Museum’s official inauguration took place on the 10th of May, 1936, in the presence of King Charles II. Village_museum_Chiojdu_homestead_2 The Village Museum (named Dimitre Gusti after its founder), had in its early days an area of 4.5 hectars of land and hosted 33 authentic household assemblies, transferred from researched villages: houses with annex buildings, a church (from Dragomirești village, Maramureș County), a triptych religious monument, technical installations and a swing set. Village Museum Bucharest Nowadays, the Village Museum has 9 hectars, and an increased number of collection pieces. The open-air patrimony gains new showpieces, reaching to number of 62 ensembles of vernacular architecture (as compared to 33 back in 1936), with a number of 223 buildings (40 houses, 165 household annexes, 3 churches, 15 technical installations and craft workshops), summarizing an inventory of over 17.000 units. Among the previous, the newly acquired field monuments, houses and households from the regions of Suceava, Vaslui, Vâlcea, Constanța, Alba, Hunedoara, Maramureș, are beautifully represented.
The Village Museum is a wonderful opportunity to discover Romanian tradition and to deeply understand its history, his customs and people.
Take a tour in the Village Museum and you will feel the peace and quiet of the Romanian village. Village_Museum_Dragus_household_house   Jurilovca Bucharest-Village_Museum-House