Black Church, a symbol of Brasov, is the parish church of the Evangelical Church from Romania. It received its current name after the 1689 blaze that swept throughout the city and transformed it into a ruin. Initially the church had worn the name of Saint Mary. After the Reformation was known as the “Great Church”, but popular name after the fire remained “Black Church” and it was officially accepted in the nineteenth century. The Black Church is the largest sacral build from in Romania, the largest church-hall east of Vienna and one of the largest medieval churches from the dome of St. Stephen in Vienna till the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. brasov_biserica_neagra

Records and collections

Buchholz organ, built in the early Romantic period, and hosted in Black Church is the largest mechanical organ in Romania. The sound they attract each year organists both from home and abroad who want to hold concerts here. At the time of its construction, it was among the largest organs in Europe. There are some other interesting records that Black Church holds: with the exception of Turkey, the Black Church has the largest collection of Oriental carpets in Europe, dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The tower of the Black Church is the largest mobile bell in Romania, with a weight of approx. 6000 kg. biserica_neagra_interior Inside, the visitor can discover the countless art objects: baptisterium (1472), mural painting of St. Mary (1476), the pews from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries attesting to the intense activity of guilds from Brasov, Gothic altar (1866) along with many other gold parts and personalities’ tombstones from Brasov. In the back of the church are permanently open two exhibitions that tell the history of the Black Church and Honterus the reformer life. Also the specialists discovered recently the value of the parament collection, which holds a large number of liturgical vestments made from medieval and Baroque luxury textile. Including clothing pieces from the Middle Ages, it is nothing less than the great collections of Danzig, Halberstadt, Brandenburg and Stralsund, but currently is not publicly available. In subsequent years, however, the treasure will be restored by specialists.

Child’s statue, the creepy legend of the Black Church

On the top of Black Church there is a statue of a child that bents over the edge. No one could tell which is actually the truth behind the statue. One legend says that the statue depicts a disciple who was killed out of jealousy. The variants includes the killer being the master chief itself or the other co-workers that put the child to measure the height with the rope and pushed it. In both cases the master chief feels deep remorse and crafts a statute to remind him forever.  Another legend states that the origin of the statue was an accident and that the son of one of the craftsmen fell during construction right in front of his father’s eyes Pain slain man built a statue depicting him as his son was last seen. clock_-_biserica_neagra_brasov Source: Honterus Gemeinde